About in-house training

Psaros Communications can present any of our public training courses, plus a range of other courses, at your company’s own premises. Training your staff in-house provides your company with a number of advantages over public training courses:

  1. Cost-effectiveness – Save money and increase return on your training investment! For training groups of 6 or more people, in-house training offers significant cost savings over public training courses. Highly competitive in-house training fees and savings on travel and accommodation guarantee cost-effectiveness.
  2. Customisation – Tailor courses to suit your company’s needs! Use case studies and examples from your own organisation. Psaros Training courses can be adapted for the specific needs of your company and your staff.
  3. Convenience – Choose your own date and venue! In-house training allows you to train staff on dates that are convenient to your company, rather than having to attend public courses on dates that may not be convenient to the your staff.
  4. Confidentiality – You don’t have to make all your issues public! In-house training ensures a level of privacy that can obviously not be matched by public training. Tackle thorny issues and discuss organisational problems more freely.
  5. Personal attention – Don’t get lost in the crowd! Psaros Training workshops are designed to be highly interactive with limited class sizes guaranteeing individual attention for each delegate.
  6. Increase the productivity of your company – In summary, in-house training provides a cost-effective opportunity to train more staff, using relevant subject matter, at a convenient time and location. Sensitive company information will be kept “in-house” and all your staff are guaranteed individual attention.

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